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General request for the thread: can we choose a different phrase [than "man with boobs"] to describe this phenomenon?
Before I try I want to say that your posts are ones I consistently read carefully as they are so clear, wise, and to the point.

Hmm. Crypto-male? Darn. Feeble attempt. I'd love to have such a phrase. I hope others can do better than me. I too have long wanted a better term.

One GofThrones comment. Arya Stark saying "Girls are idiots." That is HER viewpoint, not one generally propagated throughout the book. The series has many strong and very different women, both good and bad ones, who deal with a dangerous time and place.

I found it interesting that in Season 7 she and her sister Sansa Stark came to appreciate and approve their differences, Arya the warrior with cutting weapons and Sansa the warrior with social weapons, who nevertheless discovered a deep affection for each other.