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I had thought, as a sort of exercise, of writing a short story that would be very pro-feminist, while deliberately failing the bechdel test. I couldn't think of a good setup up for it though...
That would be easy. Just have a female character constantly getting dumped on, ogled, blamed and mansplained by men, and have her fight back. She could even converse with other women about what louts all the men were. It'd be extremely feminist and wouldn't pass Bechdel.

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General request for the thread: can we choose a different phrase to describe this phenomenon?
Sure, why not?

Re: male gaze. The book and movie whose male gaze troubled me deeply was The Virgin Suicides. The thing is, I liked the book. It was well written, very much set in a time and place, and engaging. It had a fair take on the toxicity of controlling parents. Yet the POV boy telling the story is either drooling over this group of sisters or pitying them. "She's so damn hot." "Golly, I feel so sorry for her." "I'm watching her screw some dude on her roof top. Oh baby, so haaaawt." "Gee, I'm so sad because their parents are so mean to them."