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Not to derail the thread (which I think I already did earlier!), but yeah, this has always been my problem with GoT. I actually quit watching around S3, despite enjoying some of the characters and finding the acting to be uniformly stupendous. The constant rapey subtext wore me down.
I still can't forget that scene which shows Craster's Keep after the mutineers take over, and women are being casually raped in the background. They have no names, let alone personalities. They're just there to be raped. That's one episode I wish I'd never watched.

Having seen the odd recent episode (Spouse still watches it), I can say they've made an effort to dial back a lot of the misogyny. But the worldbuilding does, to a certain extent, depend on it, and that's a disappointment.
I don't mind a world with a strongly patriarchal culture, where some people are misogynists. But it's frustrating when the misogyny comes from characters I want to like, from the heroines of the series, and when they're not called out on it.

In the books, a lot of the internalized misogyny comes from Cersei, which is fine by me. From her, it doesn't come across like it's meant to be cool, or a sign of strength.