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Thread: Passing the Bechdel test

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laer Carroll View Post
    Arya Stark saying "Girls are idiots." That is HER viewpoint, not one generally propagated throughout the book. The series has many strong and very different women, both good and bad ones, who deal with a dangerous time and place.
    Actually, Arya Stark doesn’t say that in the books at all. At least, not that I’m aware of. It’s a show creation, because (again, as far as I know) book!Arya doesn't despise other girls. Just as in the books, Brienne prods Jaime out of his suicidal mindset by saying, “Are you such a coward?” whereas in the show, she tells him he’s acting “like a bloody woman.”

    Maybe this is meant to be an example of show!Brienne’s naivety, in that she's seen so little of the world that she assumes women are inherently weak and cowardly (because they're female? because they're not brought up and trained to fight?). But by then she’s already met Catelyn Stark, who I think is a strong woman. So once again, I’m disappointed at the internalized misogyny—which, once again, seems to be more a product of the show rather than of the book.

    I also wonder, does anyone on the show say that most boys are idiots, or cowards, or sadists?
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