Before the end of the month, when we all don our costumes as Sexy Normalthing, there's still time to try one's hand at writing a little erotic fiction.

This thread intends to encourage anyone from seasoned porn authors to the virginal beginner. Any writer can pick one (or more) of this month's prompts and write a story or scene that meets its requirement. It can be any heat level.

That can be the end of it. You reply to this thread, announce you wrote something and on which prompt, receive congratulations, and call it done, never showing it to anyone. That makes it pretty safe if you're shy about it.

Or you can post the resulting story on the password-protected board at Share Your Work - Erotica (see this to get the password, if you don't have it) and get qualified feedback on your story. If you do not want critique, please don't post your work.

Nobody has to post their story, and nobody should post an erotic work anywhere at AbsoluteWrite besides Share Your Work - Erotica, which requires you to have the password and 50 posts. (Critiquing the work of others is a great way to get there--and you'll learn a lot, too.)

Reminder: Moderators do not distribute the password. You get that by stating your are 21 or older and asking for the password in a private message to AW Admin.

1. Written from the POV of someone who is not living, in the conventional sense of the word.
2. Characters make use of one or more sex toys.
3. Set in a tropical paradise--at least it looks that way.
4. A ghost, witch, or vampire is important to plot.
5. A felony drives the plot forward.
6. Set 50 years in the future.
7. Involves a bad dog or a bad dog owner.
8. Takes place in a cemetery.
9. The main character is sopping wet through the entire story or scene.
10. Explores a legal kink appropriate for posting at AW. (Not allowed: Posts containing sexualized violence, non-consensual sexual situations, or underage characters in sexual situations.)
11. Involves a virgin over the age of thirty.
12. Is less than 250 words (one page double-spaced in many fonts).