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Thread: NaNo 2018 -- IT IS (almost) OOOOONNNNNNNN!

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    NaNo 2018 -- IT IS (almost) OOOOONNNNNNNN!

    So today begins October, bringing us just ][ that much closer to this year's NaNoWriMo. Does anybody have any idea/inklings/an educated guess on what they'll be doing this year? I'll be doing Long Time, an M/M inspired by this song from Blondie (it starts out with a bright, nostalgic vibe then becomes bit more sad and melancholy during the bridge, and ends with a nostalgic/melancholy vibe) that involves possible time travel or unreliable memory in the main character. (There may or may not be truth to the rumor that I may or may not be plantsing this year. I may or may not be working from production notes but I am definitely not using an outline. I refuse to confirm the denial or deny the confirmation I'm using an outline.)
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