Hey all!

I think "Writing buddy" can be defined in different ways but I *know* I need an accountability partner. I started my nano novel early and now it's looking like it will be a much bigger project than I originally planned. (far longer than 30 days). I'd like to finish it, though, and have given myself a deadline of December-February. I work a fulltime job that's relatively demanding so I think having someone checking in with me will keep me focused.

I'm not expecting a full beta read but I'm interested in

  • trading chapters
  • being a sounding board for ideas,
  • Discussing character and plot development
  • anything in between

I have previous experience being published, querying, etc and would probably send the novel out if it's good enough once it's finished and edited.

Please let me know if you'd be interested in trading excerpts to see if we'd make a good match!

Here's a synopsis of my story:

Anele is a witch too weak to bond with a demon--while her older sister Dyshiki has a power so rare she’s able to destroy them. This makes Dyshiki a powerful tool in the war against the Mthembe Clan, a coven of witches who govern the neighboring country Dadongo. The clans have warred for centuries with the Zuma struggling to survive.
As Anele’s grandfather, High Ruler of Isisi, grows old and sick, one of the five Zuma First Blood will have to take his throne. Anele is initially no threat, until she manages to bond with a dangerous rogue demon--an entity only a witch of Dyshiki’s caliber should be able to tame. Armed with a powerful demon and her late mother’s staff, Anele discovers the true strength of a power she once thought useless and devotes it to saving her country.