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I have umpired baseball to the level of MLB spring Training and PAC-10 (now PAC-12) and done small college basketball and played collegiate LaCrosse. I would have been a NCAA fooball ref if I Hadn't had to give it up to take care of my young daughters. Three of those are as violent as Hockey but have nowhere near the level of fighting. I knew a NHL ref who said something to the tune of "It's a violent sport. You have to let the players fight sometimes" BS. There is fighting because the league knows that while it is not the primary reason fans come in, they really enjoy the fights.
I disagree any of those are as violent as hockey. If you were talking about box lax, ok, but I assume you mean field, which is a gentle little game, heh.

There are few games with both the speed and force that are played full contact, and especially played in the same way. Fighting is a good thing. Goons are a good thing. They allow for the proliferation of players like 99, and keep everyone on the ice safer.