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Thread: 2018-19 NHL Season Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornflake View Post
    Yeah, cause if it was the regular season, their stats would matter, heh.

    Fights do sometimes break out in the playoffs, and can make a series absolutely epic. Remember the Avs/Wings? Which is an example in and of itself of the need for fighting in the league.

    Also, it's Boston. The uniform gives you the right to fisticuffs.
    Not sure which fight you are referring too. There have been several this year, like the Ovechkin one. I was at the game when Reaves and Kane fought. Fights do happen in the playoffs but it goes down. Also fighting in general is going down and will probably not be a big part of the game in five years or so. I don't mind the fighting but it's not always smart for players do it. Penalty, risk of injury, ect.
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