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Thread: Thank you Jessica Faust of Book Ends Literary to Ask An Agent for October

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    Hi Jessica,

    I've got three questions, the first two more agency operations related.

    My first is a financial question that I've been meaning to ask for a while. I've been wondering, how feasible is it for an agent to work in that professional capacity full-time? I mean, if the math holds up, and agents are getting an average of 15% per sale to a publisher, and not every acquisition is going to be a five--let alone six--figure deal, then how many sales need to go through in a year to make it possible to do it full-time? Do most agents do the job full-time, or, like a lot of writers, it's something done on the side, out of love?

    My second is aside from the inherent "two/or more heads are better than one" advantage of forming an agency, are there any financial advantages to an agent deciding to found and run an agency with subordinate agents? Like is there any "tribute" to the agency founder, or are all agents completely financially independent of each other?

    And my last question is one that my spouse and I may have to tackle soon. What happens when two people, represented by two different agencies, decide to collaborate? My spouse is with an agent at Bookends, and she's an author/illustrator, but I'm with the Donald Maass agency. In the past, when we've collaborated on comics/graphic novels, there's never been an issue, because neither of us were represented, but now, if, for example, we decided to work on a picture book or a chapter book where I write and she illustrates, do our respective agents collaborate, or, because my agent is adult SFF, I would just work with her agent on this?
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