This is kind of an offshoot of my thoughts when I was reading through the anecdotal evidence on bookstores.

As I stated there: The closest bookstore to me is 5 hours away because I live in a very small farming town in Northern Alberta. I know I'm not the only small town author out there. How do y'all cope with not having access to bookstores or libraries? In my case there is a library in town, but due to my disabilities I can't make it there without help and I wouldn't have help to make it there, though we live an hour from a community that not only has no library but no services at all. Not even cell service, and very spotty internet. So there are communities with fewer resources of that sort in this day and age.

But do you buy books and have them shipped to you? Do you have a library you visit? Have you started anything as far as book sharing in your community? Do you have any advice on what other people in this situation can do?

I tend to buy books off of Amazon. But I have to wait to get them because most of the ebooks aren't available in Canada. I've thought about seeing if I could start book sharing, but I don't know anyone interested in that (though my pool is ridiculously small). Since I don't know what to do, though, I also don't have any advice.