Even though Iím a PoC Iíve never felt like I needed to write PoC. At least not when Iím on my own. I do feel pressure from other people who find it shocking that every single character I create doesnít have my skin tone. (I get this from Caucasians as well but the question comes up more often when talking with PoC.)

In general I just donít think about race when creating a character. Unless it actually does affect the story then who gives a *$&@? Since many times there are characters based off myself and people I know there are plenty of PoC throughout my stories but when I create a new character off the top of my head I donít think about it at all until someone else ask the question. Usually when the question is asked I just say the first thing that comes to mind (often times just saying the ethnicity of whoever I happen to be looking at in that moment.)