Some sad facts:

If you have a novel that is in a top 100 major category in Amazon or you have a short story that has been published in a best-selling anthology or a major online or print magazine then Hollywood already knows about you. If they haven't contacted you, it means they weren't interested in your work.

If you are not a best seller but have a novel or short story that you want to get the attention of Hollywood, then you don't need an outfit like Teleflicks, you need an agent or someone who will get your work read by producers. The entire promise of Teleflicks is BS. No one knows what Hollywood is looking for in books or stories until you take it to them. Teleflicks may say your story has all the right elements, but then the same exact topic was passed around by 300 other writers earlier in the year, and it's a waste of time.

It is orders of magnitude easier getting a major publishing deal than getting something read in Hollywood.

I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, but you should be focusing on the the long hard path to that goal. If you don't want to write screenplays but you want to see your work on the screen? Get your work on best seller lists and nominated for major awards. Anything less is going to take you longer than that process. If you want to write screenplays then... write screenplays. Work on your craft and then work on getting them read. As noted, that's a lot harder than getting a major publishing deal, so set your expectations accordingly.