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Thread: I need advice on a MG story

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    I need advice on a MG story

    I'm working on a new MG title. A busy eleven-year-old boy deals with the recent death of his mother, and embarks on an adventure that leads to closure and visit her in the past. My concern is my last MG title was really funny and serious at the same time. In this new one, it feels depressing and sad. His dad's solution is to work, and the MC has a tough time being in that mindset. I think this book might be good for kids who may have lost a parent. I lost one myself. It just doesn't have the same goofy feel I have in every other page when writing MG. There are moments like that, but I know he's dealing with work, sports, and a bully at school who don't understand him. There's a happy ending though. Did I just miss these sad-but-hopeful books as a kid? Would this fit MG? Thoughts are welcomed.
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