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Thread: VN: How much effort would you put to get the golden ending?

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    VN: How much effort would you put to get the golden ending?

    All right everyone! Vida here!

    I'm currently developing a YA Romance Visual Novel with Fantasy spin.

    Now, I've been developing this story for quite a while and it came out pretty big with a LOT of branching paths.

    There's about 7 endings to my game:

    In the Golden Ending: The War between gods and titans was cancelled and you live happily ever after with both Diana and Elytra
    In the Good Elytra Ending: The War was stopped and you get to be with Elytra
    In the Nuke Elytra Ending: The War begins and Bruce was forced to nuke all the Titans. Diana included.
    In the Neutral Ending: The war begins and Bruce nuke everyone but you managed to save Elytra and Diana.
    In the Nuke Diana Ending: Bruce nuked the gods including Elytra
    In the Good Diana Ending: The war was cancelled and you get to be with Diana
    In the Total Nuclear Ending: Everybody but Bruce died, The End!

    Bruce is a side character by the way.

    Now, the question is, how much effort would you take to get the golden ending? Should I make the story hard, detailed, and complicated and make the nuke easy to get? Or should I make it obvious?

    The system is based on these main variables:

    Reputation with Elytra
    Reputation with Diana
    Tension between gods and titans
    Key Items

    Also, no this is not an RPG.

    And as Always, Thanks for Reading!
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