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I suspect I'm not the only one here who often reads Ask A Manager. One of Alison's recent posts dealt with hugging at work - if you click through, it's well worth listening to the short audio segment (3 minutes). But the really interesting stuff, to me, is in the comments: I'm a please-don't-touch-me-at-work-kthxbye person, with exceptions made for handshakes. I was kind of shocked anyone was defending the idea, much less saying they liked it.

I posted this on Facebook, and a friend of mine became genuinely upset. Not only was she astonished that anyone would think hugging at work was unwanted or in any way inappropriate, she actually took offense.

The thing is, I'm quite affectionate with people I know. I've probably been the compulsive hugger with friends now and then. But at work? It's work. I married a colleague, and we didn't hug at the office, or even hold hands except when we were out on a walk.

So am I an oddity? Is this a regional/cultural/industry-specific thing? Should it really be incumbent upon the incipient hug-ee to say "uh, nice to see you, but no thanks"?
I am sorry I think your friend is weird.

I am a Brit, so factor in different cultural expectations, but hugs were only offered at work (office job) when something awful had happened. A bereavement, for example.

Obviously, some colleagues struck up close friendships over the years, and their behaviour, as one would expect, would be different.

Any new member of staff offering hugs, would be told to knock it off. Employers have to think about claims for harrassment.