Hello Everyone,

I joined a few weeks ago and have since been poking around, nosing into corners. Iíve already benefited from reading critiques in SYW, and Iím impressed by the community here and its willingness to share knowledge.

About me.

Iím one of those mid-life college students, taking one class at a time around my work schedule, plodding toward my bachelorís degree (It took a few decades for me to realize learning is actually fun). I got sucked into writing as a pastime after taking a short story class. Writing is also one of my favorite bonding activities with my college-aged daughter Ė we work on our stories, share them, and critique them, inspiring and supporting each other along the way. Itís a blast.
In the process, Iíve developed an itch to make my work better. I love creating characters and finding out what happens to them. It would be delightful if I could learn to work that joy into something to share.

Currently reading: Alice Munro Runaway, while impatiently awaiting the last book of Rothfussís Kingkiller Chronicle.