It's the same irony that applies to Houston, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey. And don't forget that Pat Robertson, the infamous televangelist from the very region now being hit by Florence, blamed Hurricane Katrina on homosexuality in New Orleans. Or Senator Jim Imhofe of Oklahoma, probably the U.S. Senate's most vocal climate change denier, who has maintained that God would not let climate change happen. In a state commonly ravaged, and many times in recent years, by tornadoes.

I have actually met a guy living in the town of Seward, Alaska, who denies that glaciers aren't receding, despite having a major National Park literally in the town's doorstep, with a major glacier locality marked by signs showing where the terminus of the thing has been over the last 100 years. It has receded three or four miles, which includes about a mile since I moved to Alaska 27 years ago. But, hey, for this guy, it's not happening.

People who believe this kind of merde are just plain immune to rational logic or argument.