Hi, Cindy, and

So, this is just my two cents, and you should take them with heapings of salt...

First, is this adult or YA? I took a brief peek on your website and I'd guess adult, but I wanted to verify. Straight up paranormal isn't a genre I read a lot in (I do read PNR but that's a different animal), so I can't speak knowledgeably to the standard practices. I'll just provide my reaction as a potential reader from a broader level:

1) I hate cliffhangers personally. If I picked this up and didn't know from the get-go that it ends on a big cliffhanger, I'd feel cheated, especially given it's so short. Again, this is totally my personal reaction/opinion, but I'd also be suspicious that you, the author, were just trying to string me along to shell out more money for Part 2 of what really should have been one book, if it's that short.

2) I don't know the standard wordcount range for paranormal offhand, but even not knowing that, 50K seems a wee bit short. Usually, I've seen low wordcount range listings for novel genres in adult categories ending at about 60K. If it's a very tightly written novel at 50K, sure? Then again, I'm a fantasy reader so I like a little more meat on my novel bones.

3) Have you had beta readers give you feedback on whether the length works, or if you're stopping too soon? If you leave a lot of threads undone, it could be very unsatisfying. Then again, if you've tied everything else up but for the one major thing...well, it could work? It's all in the execution to be honest, so tough to say. In spite of my note #1, I have read cliffhanger endings I've enjoyed in a scream of agony "I have to wait another year for the last book to answer this" way...but those have generally been YA novels? I've been scratching my head to think of a recent adult novel I've read that ended in a cliffhanger which wasn't an obvious "buy book 2 which I really just split to make more money" ploy and I'm coming up empty. I'm sure they are out there.

4) I can't think of a novel example where it switches POV mid-book, but again, I think it would be doable if executed correctly. And I wouldn't bat an eye at a 100K paranormal. Unless you are completely getting rid of the one POV that we start with by...say...killing them off mid-book? That could be dicey with readers. Is there a way you could have the other POV coming into play earlier? That way, you could make the transition/hand-off to the second POV more natural and less abrupt. Again, I don't know the plot of your novel to know whether that would work, but it's a thought.

Not sure if any of this helps. Figured I'd muse out loud and say "good luck"?

(But I personally would look to combine them if I could, if that's what my gut was telling me.)