Hello! Iím back. New again, I guess? I know I havenít been around here in forever. It definitely hasnít been by choice. Life has been insanely crazy and busy over the past few years, with a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns. And I just havenít had time to visit a forum. Been spending my Internet time on my other online hangouts.

Lots of stuff has happened between when I used to come on here and now. Letís see if I can break it down into a short version:

First of all, I apologize to everyone, who got to know me before, for suddenly vanishing like I did. Around the time I was still active on here, I almost lost everything on my old laptop due to Windows 10 issues (I made the mistake of trying to upgrade to Windows 10 and it nearly killed my computer. Thankfully, I managed to back up everything I had on it right before it kicked the bucket). Got a new laptop and spent some time trying to get my bookmarks back and everything else back in order.

Then last year, I was busy with writing stuffs, so I was absent from a lot of online places most of the year. Annnnd I got my first full-sized book published as a result! Woot! (First book in my series. Visit the link in my signature for more details and where to purchase.) This week marks its first year anniversary being published. I was going to come on here last year and post an announcement, but I completely forgot about it due to other things going on around then. ugh. >_< And this year quickly turned into a mad house, too. I just remembered today that I STILL havenít made my way around to this place. So, here I am...again.

I'm not making any promises as to how often I'll come on here, but I'm going to try to pop on at least occasionally from now on (if I don't forget about this place, which I have done...oops). Since I'm now a published author (yay!), I have that responsibility to uphold. I'm currently working on my second book, hoping to get it published next year. So I already know I'm gonna be really busy with that.