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In my younger days I was at the hospital a lot. As a boy living in the country it seemed I was continually falling out of trees and off cliffs - the worst of that was a broken elbow + wrist. Later I was in an auto accident (experienced a NDE), and another time I survived a knife fight and got cut up pretty good (as did the other guy). Even later I fought in full contact martial arts, so I was in and out of care for broken ribs, concussion etc.

Honestly I can't accurately describe what doctors or nurses did for me. I would describe the doctors as pompous assholes that did nothing but berate me. Nurses on the other hand helped me get better and were kind.

I'm not doing too much of that crazy stuff anymore, but my opinion of doctors and nurses remains.
Thanks for the compliments but there are always going to be some good docs and some bad nurses. I didn't mean to present a stereotypical view of either profession.