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Thread: Change the World? Entertain? Both?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post

    @Gaston: Lovecraft's massive racism certainly wouldn't go over well today, but his style is abundant in anyone who writes anything gothic or decadent. I am an enormous Cthulhu fan and there is plenty of stuff in that vein or style if you still wish it. Newer Lovecraft-inspired fiction uses the best of his world without the unfortunate baggage.

    The counterpoint to "old stuff wouldn't sell in modern times" is to point out that new stuff also wouldn't sell in old times. I.e., it's a truism.If you think 19th century fiction would flop in the 21st century, imagine how poorly it would do in the 12th century. :P It's not much of a point to say that things of their time were.... of their time? .
    The whole point of Western Civilization is to produce the timeless...

    Lovecraft's first ever published work was "Providence in 2000 A.D.": the poem envisioned a future where "proper people" of English heritage were displaced by immigrants. It ends as such:

    "Who art though, Sirrah?" I in wonder cry'd;
    "A monstrous prodigy," the fellow sigh'd:
    "Last of my kind, a lone unhappy man,
    My name is Smith! I'm an American!"

    Well that just sounds completely out-dated and out of touch, coming straight from 1912 now does it?

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