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True. I retract the statement and would revise it to, I don't think there are new ideas in novels. Not if you break them down to basics.

But we don't break books down to basics, because there is no point; hence, every book is, at the very least, a fresh combination, and can be fresh even if every element is drawn from elsewhere (it usually is).

Everytime a writer says they have an idea which is wholly unique and new, asking around invariably comes up with previous references to those concepts in other, earlier books.

No, just... No. My book is about an underground Civilization spanking us militarily for our cultural degeneration, our screen addiction and our flood of crummy books... "The Hand" is about a man stalked, benevolently it turns out, by his own severed member... Everything good has a unique feature or detail that makes it special overall... To say there is nothing new under the sun is an excuse for a lazy observation of details: Reality is never short of newness. Style serves the idea, but can never substitute to it.