Hi all,

I've recently been enamored with the so-called Deep/Close/Tight/Intimate/Intrusive point of view, where although the book is in third person, we are still privy to and hearing the thoughts and mindsets and attitudes and beliefs of the character, and only the character.

Shallow: She saw Jason standing on the other side of the room. "That asshole can't touch me," she thought. "No one would believe him anyway." She felt a shiver of triumph tingle up her spine.

Deep: There he was, standing on the opposite side of the room. That asshole. He couldn't touch her. No one would believe him anyway. A shiver of triumph tingled up her spine.

I just wanted to gather some general opinions on this very intrusive point of view:

- Effective? Too gimmicky? Trendy? Awesome when done correctly?
- What are some books or authors you've seen implement this strategy to perfection?
- Have you tried writing in this style? How did it go? What worked or failed for you?

Thanks everyone!