While my job hunt progresses slowly, I've gotten it in my head that I might like to do something on a 'once a week, earn a little spending cash" basis. (The previous thing I picked up with that in mind is fun and a thing I want to stay involved in but it's a lot more work and time than I planned and I need to re-prioritize my time in the short term.) So the idea of looking at the content farm sites again came about, although I've looked askance at them in the past because the content just wasn't very good.

...and it seems to have caught up with them? Associated Content sold to Yahoo in 2010 and then Yahoo shuttered it in 2014. The other site mentioned in the article I followed was also gone, the URL repurposed for another product. I cannot for the life of me remember the names of any others or how to find them. Do they still exist? Are the ones that still exist worth bothering with?

Any more general suggestions for things I could do/places I could submit to?