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Thread: Place your bets: Who's the snitch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orklad View Post
    The thing with Trump is that he openly admits the crimes and all of the horrible things that he thinks and does, then he dares anyone to do anything about it.

    So far, the GOP has supported him 100% and the Democrats have been unwilling to go through the effort of actually enforcing oversight.

    We'll see if it changes.
    Yes, and even though public opinion seems to be swinging against him, the American Public has a very short political attention span and memory these days. Who knows what people will be concerned about in fall of 2020? I still worry greatly that a major terrorist attack here by an Islamist group could sway public opinion in his favor again. And of course there's also the fact that if the economy is doing okay, sitting Presidents have historically had an advantage.

    A lot of truisms and long-standing rules have been broken in recent years, though. For one thing, given the strength of the economy for much of his term, it's amazing Trump's numbers have not even approached 50% approval, except for a very brief period right after he took office (and even then, he didn't go over 50% in average poll numbers).

    There is no other POTUS in recent history who has never topped 50% approval during their first term in office, nor have any had such consistent approval ratings. Even Ford managed to poke his head above the 50% mark a couple of times during his brief tenure.
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