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Thread: What is the current state of the YA market?

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    What is the current state of the YA market?

    I'm curious about it because I've seen a few conversations about it on twitter and wanted to know what you guys thought.

    Some are saying that even established authors are struggling to get new deals and sales have stagnated. What's more, others speculate that there hasn't been a big hit** in a long time that would generate more sales in both the YA or MG markets (ala Twilight or Percy Jackson).

    What do you guys think is going on? Do you think social media might have something to do with it? There's so many options now available that there are less chances for the kind of breakouts that invigorated the industry in the past?

    I'm also curious because this seems to be happening right at the same moment when the industry seems more interested than ever looking for diversity to publish. This would be a heck of a time for the market to stagnate.

    ** By "big hit" I mean a world-wide global smash. Again, these are just comments and ideas I've seen being discussed on social media and I'm still just thinking through them (not necessarily agreeing) only because it's an interesting topic.
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