I woke up a few weeks ago with an idea for romance novel heroine and the beginning of her story.

I dismissed it as dumb and went back to the current book I'm working on. I'm a man and straight. I'm a romance fan but just don't see how a man can do justice to a romance novel.

The next morning as I rose out of sleep she came back to me and I learned a little more about her. I banished her and went back to my other book.

The NEXT morning she was back again. And the next. And the next.

Argh! The only way I can banish her ghost is to write her story. It'll be crap, but she will go away.

Now I have a problem. She's met one hot guy and is getting closer to him. But another shows up competing for her attention.

How would you handle such a story? Two great choices. Which to pick? How? How to tell the story?