Bob Woodward just released a book about the Trump WH.

It contains a lot of both on- and off-the-record sources discussing many things going on inside the administration.

There are people quoted by name now denying they said what they said. I understood this with the Michael Wolff thing. I do not, in any way, understand this with the Woodward book. Some may be 'X is quoted as saying Y said...' and Y is denying it, which, fine, but there are people, like in the first link, above, actually quoted directly saying they didn't say what he says they did. Sure.

It's BOB WOODWARD. In what circumstance would he not have a nice, clear tape of every conversation he had on the record, indexed and ready to go? Who thinks they can lie about what they said to Woodward and get away with it?

More than any of the revelations that have come out so far w/re the book (and this is the one I want to read), this has me utterly baffled -- people saying BOB WOODWARD is lying about what they said to him. I don't even... is it that they think people will just take their word he lied? What is happening?

Also, there are apparently at least two people who said they stole papers off Trump's desk so he'd not hear about bad, dangerous ideas and act on them. On the one hand, good? On the other hand, who put them in charge? On the other other hand better them but... I... what is happening?