Day 14
2,274 words written of Book IV. Took a nap. Finally out of the character killing gloom.

Layla: I need a winter chair. WTG on that 1/4 page.

Cindyt: Write, edit, research, sleep. Living the dream.

KayMitch: 471 words is great progress.

Daniel: Way to stick with it!

Taylor: Congrats on finishing your edits!

April: I say Pshaw! to future you. That sounds like an amazing plan. Musing and taking notes keeps me from walking out of my boring day job. That and the thought of living under a bridge. Wi-Fi sucks there.

Pterofan: I, too, put off love scenes or rush through them and punch them up later.

starrystorm: Congrats on keeping up the habit.

Weekend, people. Swim, swim, swim.