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Thread: Book Cover design

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinVestgard View Post
    Hi Helix,

    Many thanks for the reply. While I work with them a lot and have a discount for the covers I make there (I bring them around 7-10 new authors every month), I'm by no means getting paid by them. So no, it's not my business (they're based in Taiwan as far as I know) but it is my go-to address and I'm honored to be on their team. I am recommending their service but I'm also an avid user of Kingwood (, usually by referring authors to their service. I'm sorry it sounded as self-promotion, but believe me, I'm not an employee of any of the companies I work with.

    All the best,

    The Book Cover Zone FB page lists only you as a team member and your own FB page identifies you as the manager of Book Cover Zone. Your FB page says you're in Taiwan. And you've used multiple stock photos to represent yourself on your personal page. So I'm not sure what to believe.
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