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Thread: ragruG (and weaving)

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    the world is at my command jennontheisland's Avatar
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    It has begun:

    The frame has 26 slots, each are run with two strands of 1" torn cotton bedsheet twisted to about 1/8" cord, so I have 52 warp threads in 14". Tension seems to be mostly even (is there some kind of tension testing device?) except on the right side where I started, which is a touch looser. The twist gives the sheet a lot of spring, so I should be okay for take up tension. My main concern is the warp falling off the thin rails.

    I'm going to start with the pile under the scissors in the first pic. It's all cotton t-shirt jersey knit so again lots of spring, so I'll need to be careful on my tensioning.

    Since I'm going to be making 2 of these, my next step is to tear more cotton strips for the warp on the second one, then start stripping the shirts and splitting them into two piles.

    This, plus all the math in my notebooks and some rough calcs on how many strips I can get from each garment took about 3 hours.
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