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Oh, and back on topic, I see the stories about crocs crossing flooded streets, and roaming freely thanks to the flooding.
In the US elections, they were talking about 'draining the swamp'. In Australia, the swamp is apparently expanding.

Update on the floods: friends of mine in Townsville have been helping with the clean up. The photos they've posted are heartbreaking. The flood damage extends to thousands of homes. Fortunately, Ross River dam worked exactly the way it was designed to work, so -- despite the widespread property damage -- it could have been a lot worse. There'll be discussions, I imagine, about the apparent removal of levees built after the 1998 floods. (I was still in TSV in early 1998 and it was pretty bloody wet then, but nothing like this.) And now melioidosis is a problem. And maybe the chance of dengue and Ross River fever outbreaks.

The number of livestock deaths in the Gulf and Channel Country is dreadful.