Than, not then.... aaarrrgghhh.

Sorry, perhaps that was addressed in the posts I skipped over.

Turn your daydreaming into writing. I daydreamed for years, then one NaNoWriMo day I spit that daydream out into an outline. Let the writing begin.

What are you daydreaming about?

I am totally stressed out today. Half of this country is supporting a racist POTUS like I've never seen in my life. As if that wasn't enough I'm being totally screwed by the IRS* while the rich are reaping billions tax free as rewards for whatever those tax cut deals were done in the back room with Trump and Mitch McConnell.

I'm vacillating between anger and that little voice in my head telling me to let it go and just deal with it.

So I go into my WIP and I find solace.

*Anyone who wants to hear the details feel free to PM me but it's not something I am seeking empathy for.