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Thread: YA Fantasy book cover

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    Aug 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by Marissa D View Post
    The tagline text is way too small. It would disappear completely when the cover is viewed in thumbnail.

    And, um...your name needs to go in there somewhere... I'd consider using the space at the top of the image for author name, make the title a wee bit smaller, and move the tagline to just above it, possibly all on one line.

    Also, I'm not sure the flourishes on the title running off the page work. The bottom of the F also needs tidying up.

    But on the whole, it's pretty damned cool. Just needs tweaking.
    Heheh yep, the lack of author name and the bits around the "F" in need of tidying up are all part of the whole "work in progress, things aren't all finished/on there yet" bit. I definitely will work on the readability of that tagline.
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