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Genre-and-medium defying? Tell me more!
Heh, well I wrote a full novel that was a SF cop drama about rollerblades and a three book series about the election masquerading as male pregnancy erotica. The novel's trunked, the trilogy is self-pubbed and I don't like talking about it, and overall I wish I had done something else with the last three years. More recently I did a Choose Your Own Adventure for the Sisyphus and have another, potentially 80k one half-finished, plus I just wrote something I can't even explain properly. I also wrote a horror short written as a book review.

So, yeah, I like experimental, much to my detriment perhaps. I find it works best with humor, or at least with works that have a humorous edge, since there's both something to keep the reader interested in spite of weird, and perhaps some lowered expectations as well. But I friggin' love experimental and bizarro lit, what can I do?