I'm frustrated.

I'm currently about 60% through my first novel, which I'm really into and really want to get done. I also support myself as an artist, and I really should be doing way more art than I'm currently doing.

But new ideas keep developing themselves into worlds I really love, and nagging at me, and making it hard not to dive into them and start telling their stories.
The latest one is a far-future urban fantasy whose main character is a chain-smoking witch with a familiar that manifests himself through her cigarette smoke. She's a carcinomancer, which means she can sense, tap into, and control rogue cells. This allows her not only to cure cancer, but to regrow limbs and organs. She can also engineer modifications for people's bodies, both aesthetic and utilitarian. She ends up getting framed for a really horrific crime and I really want to find out what that crime was and who framed her for it and why, and how it ties into the dark underbelly of the city against which she must ultimately clash.


Thing is, my current novel is way more original (at least, I think it is :P probably not. I dunno)