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You're in the middle. It's a common place to feel like the whole thing is crap, and the shiny new idea is better. Only problem is that if you abandon this project, the shiny new project will hit the same slog at roughly the same point, and a new shiny new project will come along and whisk you away to what will surely be The One... until you hit the same patch in that one.

Point being, there's a good chance you should just push through and finish this one. Then set it aside and work on Shiny New, and once you have *that* draft finished, go back to the first project and work through edits.
The thing is, I really love my current WIP. I'm super into it, and with a recent character rewrite, I'm feeling better about it than ever. I just really like telling myself stories. Lots of stories. But you're all right, flitting off in the direction of whatever new idea I have is not the way to stay on-track, even if I want to write all the things at once. I have written down my ideas and will continue to do so, but beyond that I'll focus on the story at hand.