Hi all, my name is Vince and I live in Denver. I'm happy to be here on this forum!

Short fiction is pretty much all I write lately. I used to write really cringey poetry, but I've grown out of that. My genre is somewhere between sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Some of my stories are kind of slipstream, some kind of New Weird. I'm not trying to sound pretentious, like, "my work defies genre" or anything like that. I kind of just haven't found my voice yet, but I'm working on it! The genres I read most are sci-fi and New Weird--I absolutely love Jeff VanderMeer and China Mieville.

Let's see, a little more about me... and I guess this is the story of how I came to write fiction. I completed an MA in English in which I focused on medieval English literature and contemporary science fiction. I didn't have much interest in writing my own fiction until I started exploring ways in which themes from these disparate bodies of literature can overlap and inform each other. My plan was to go onto the PhD level and teach English at the university level, but became disenchanted and jaded towards the state of teaching in academia. Plus, I found that I could express my thoughts more clearly through fiction than in starchy academic prose. I did a bit of a carreer pivot and am now on my path to academic librarianship. I'm currently working towards my MS in Library and Information Science. I hope to become a subject specialist librarian in English Literature. Pretty solid day job for an aspiring writer, I think!

Anyway, I look forward to being part of this community!