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One of the recent examples is misgendering of Bogi Takács leading up to Worldcon. The convention committee was publicly called out for using "he" instead of "e" in a bio.
Yeah, that was the specific situation I was thinking of. I think it's good that our society has reached a point where there are more authors who are out and where failures like this create conversations that are not completely hostile toward the author, but it's still a lot of pressure that authors don't automatically choose to sign up for simply because they aren't cis. Non-binary people are also a "novelty," and there are people who have a trans 101 level of understanding about how to treat binary trans people who pass but who struggle with people who are non-binary or who don't fit expected gender norms.

I think it's understandable to be worried about worse scenarios, too. There are people online who specifically go out of their way to mock or criticize trans/non-binary people, and sometimes it's directed at the people themselves. I don't feel like my chances of being targeted by a harassment campaign are too high, but that's a worst case scenario that's possible.