I seem to have fallen into the trap of writing the first few chapters thinking I have made good progress, only to then stutter. I now find myself - over three weeks later - reading what I have over and over again. This includes changing, adding and removing content because, as a “self doubter”, I am afraid that what I have is just not good enough. I’m now lost in the fear that I cannot continue until what I have is “perfect”, if that makes sense.

After doing some research I have found that one way of supposedly getting your first draft done is to forget about the finer details and just dump literally everything into the first draft - even content that’s poorly written or added for the sake of making progress. In other words, just get it done and save the finer details for the second draft/first edit.

Would anyone here recommend this approach? It would be awesome to gain insight into everyone else’s method/approach for completing their first draft