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A lot of the things described on this page (unnecessary first person, odd internal thoughts to describe things or explain why "I'm" doing something) are elements I associate with inexperienced writers in general rather than YA specifically. This is so totally unfair to YA writers! I don't know what to make of this. I can't say YA readers are by definition inexperienced, and therefore YA writers write this way, because that's not fair either. Perhaps I'm not familiar enough with the genre to separate inexperienced writing from YA-specific tropes.
Yes, thank you Chris.

And it's not just first person either. My book is first person, YA, and it doesn't sound like Patty's example at all. There is not all that introspection. My character isn't constantly in a self-absorbed internal monologue. Some first person is more narration than inner monologue.

That said, we all have our preferences and pet peeves.