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Thread: For you, how much does marketability play into deciding which idea to pursue?

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    For you, how much does marketability play into deciding which idea to pursue?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the forums and new to writing novels, though I have a good chunk of experience writing screenplays (both feature and TV pilots). I have two ideas that I've been sitting on for a while now and I finally decided it's time to sit down and write one. Well, as these things go, I've suddenly become bogged down by *both* of them. Because I'm splitting my writing time 50-50 into screenwriting and this, I don't think I can pursue both novel ideas at the same time and so I'm trying to narrow my selection down to one.

    Both ideas have a place in my heart, although they are not equal. I'm a little more attached to Idea #1, a Fantasy, but I know that Idea #2 a Sci-Fi, is *much* more marketable. It grabs your attention and piques your interest (if you're interested in the genre, at least) from the get-go, which makes me think that it would be easier to get my name out with. This is a business after all, and the catchier idea seems like the better business decision. So, I guess that's my question: do you factor this marketability into your decision to write a book? Have you ever written something that you thought was "catchier" vs. what you maybe felt more attached to? Just looking for opinions and experiences. I know the general idea is to "write what you love" but I do love both ideas, just one to a lesser degree than the other. I don't have kids, but I imagine many parents feel the same way about theirs :P

    I know this is putting the cart before the horse but writing a novel is such a bigger undertaking than a screenplay, which I could scrap halfway through and only have lost a couple weeks.

    Thanks, and looking forward to reading/participating more on these forums!
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