Hi. I'm writing a secondary character who has presented herself with enochlophobia, or the fear of crowds. I would like her to be as accurate as possible and not offend anyone (which is why I waited so long before posting). It isn't major towards the plot, but it goes along with the theme of finding what you fear and what you can take. So these are the questions:

1) Is enochlophobia the right term? I've heard other words that mean the same thing as well.

2) What are some (inaccurate) phobia cliches I should avoid.

3) How long does it take to recover. I know in the movie The Truman Show, Truman was facing his fear at the end and looked okay with it. Is it that realistic? I do plan on her trying exposure therapy a few months before the story begins, and at the end, she faces her fear to save the MC.

4) The character is in a collapsing tunnel. A mob is trying to escape. She is at the back of the tunnel, the farthest from the exit. Since she is afraid of crowds, would she stay behind (or slow down) or would she try to save herself? Basically, would phobias slow down a need for survival? Sorry, if this was a stupid question.

5) If she had some kind of pill or mark that could almost erase the fear, would this be cheating? (She refuses to wear/eat the medicine because it makes her feel like an outcast/in pain).

I know there are other threads like this, but they didn't have exactly what I was looking for, and the Internet is no help either. Sorry for the amount of questions.