Can't you just make her fur a different color if you want her to be different? Make it like real black people. We are all different shades. We range from white-light to black-purple. Maybe changing her fur and have it a color other than black like the others would differentiate her.

Yes, there is a stigma against very dark blacks. It's called colorism. It's always been bad and still is. Started back in slavery as we all know as well as with the one-drop rule, etc. I've never experienced that because I'm not dark, I'm yellow. And, yes black WOMEN are treated certain ways (by other blacks especially) because of the tone of their skin. Light-skinned females are hailed as the best thing since sliced bread while dark skinned women are often treated like crap and degraded because of their tone whether they are attractive or not. Men don't get this treatment. With men, everyone loves the dark men. What's sad is no one seems to treat dark-skinned females as bad as black men do but that's another subject. And colorism is not just a black thing either. It happens in all minority communities between light and dark. What a world.

Why not follow the color spectrums of real-life ethnic skin tones and choose something that might fit her? Something different but where she is still black.