Cat is driving me nuts.

She presently turns her nose up at everything I am putting down for her to eat. It's the typical sorts of cat food she's always had, together with biscuits designed to help clean up her teeth. I mention her teeth, because she's an old cat and she could probably do with a couple of extractions, which makes me worried they may be the underlying reason for her apparent lack of appetite.

I was concerned enough that I opened a tin of tuna and she went bananas and mopped up the third of a can I gave her. (That, however, is not a solution to suit my budget and the cat's kidneys long term.) Likewise if I put down my plate on which I had a piece of cake, she charges in and mops up the crumbs, before I realise what she is about. She was my mother's cat and learnt that begging for scraps usually paid dividends, so if she catches a whiff of cod and chips, the sod won't give me any peace.

This is a recent change of behaviour, which is what's worrying me. I've booked an appointment for the vet to check her out. She's an old pws, with a heart murmur, so an anaesthetic for dental work might mean she never wakes up.