OK, realising I might be a bit late to the party here but just thought I'd share my experience in case anyone is still interested in this topic. I started with my own blog. Then I started writing for a local magazine and also managed to get some articles into other publications and websites. Some of these blogs and articles are related to what my book is about and others are not. But at some stage, I just realised I had this idea for a book. So I sat down and mapped it all out on post-it notes, did a lot of research and then started writing. Kind of sounds a lot easier than it was when I put it like this, haha.
Anyway, I signed a publishing deal for my first book earlier this year so I must have done something right.
I am writing a blog about my journey going from idea to published book so if you're keen to read more about how I got started, check out this post: https://lisa-jansen.com/first-time-a...to-first-words