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Are essays the best starting point? I realize it's a long journey to embark on, but I really think I would enjoy doing so. I'm going to have a lot of time during the upcoming school year. Does anyone have any tips, articles or guidelines?

Please share your .02c! I've searched the forum, but I didn't see any threads quite about this.
I can't really tell you how to get where you want to go, I can just share my experiences. I got started by working for a local small town newspaper doing weekly news stories. I got paid 25 dollars a week to find the story, interview someone, take photos, write it up, and submit it to the editor. When the story got published, sometimes weeks later, I got paid. If you're still in school and looking to get started maybe there is a local newspaper or magazine that is looking for freelance work. It can be great experience even though it might not pay much. Or anything. Does your school have a school newspaper or monthly magazine? If so they might be looking for writers.