Ever since I left home for college back in nineteen (cough-cough)-eight, I've had one cheap steam iron after another. Most were under $20. None of them steamed terribly well. Even thought I used distilled water, every one of them stopped steaming altogether in due time, and I'd replace it with another cheap iron.

A year or so back, I finally bought a good iron, and man, what took me so long? It's amazing and wonderful. It heats to the desired temperature in under a minute. It steams a lot. It has a big reservoir for water and you can see how full it's getting so you never spill over onto the ironing board. It has a pointy tip for getting inside stitched corners. It has safety features, including turning itself off after a period in which it isn't tipped for use as well as a blinking light to remind you it's plugged in.

So if you sew or quilt--or iron clothes--don't delay as long as I did.

Maryn, older and wiser

P.S. I'm sure there are many great choices, but the one I bought is this one, which is under $40 now. (I paid more.)