Both Roger Zelazny's Amber series were in first, as are most of Robin McKinley's books.

There's a trend right now in YA, which includes fantasy, toward a lot of first present.

But generally, most fantasy writers have used third person, which I'm sure you know. Possibly as a result of the popularity of the GoT series, it's just seemed to shift from omni to limited third.

I like writing in first. I've been alternating, trying different POVs--first present, first past, limited third and omni--always past tense on the latter, though. Some stories seem to lend themselves better to one form over the other. I've noticed that whenever I write as a nonhuman, I use first present. It worked great for the story where I retold Beowulf from the POV of Grendel's mother.

But a lot of those are short stories, and I've been telling myself that I've got to grow up and write more novels, since that's the biggest market. Maybe bouncing around POVs is something you do when you're trying new ideas and getting better? That would be a comforting thought.